1. Amazing and fun discussions to adapt & align future hardware and software.
2. Been working closely with AMD on performance and quality – CPU and GPU.
3. Frostbite has been parallelized further to run on up to 8 CPU cores.
4. An absolute highlight of our long term collaboration with AMD is coming to fruition: MANTLE.


5. Low-level, high performance, console-style API for PC! … YAY!
6. Built by AMD in close collaboration with us here at DICE/EA.
7. Direct result of our discussions.
8. Will be cross platform – very important for us.
9. Battlefield 4 is the pilot project and first user of Mantel.
10. Gamers will get the absolute best possible performance and experience out of AMD hardware.


11. Superb CPU performance.
12. very low overhead loading, rendering and streaming.
13. Perfect parallel rendering – utilize all 8 CPU cores.
14. Full access to graphics hardware capabilities.
15. Lots of low level optimizations made possible.


16. Optimized for Radeon GPUs.
17. Great crossfire and Eyefinity support.


18. Super excited about Mantle! ←←←
19. Tons of ideas going forward (smiley face).


Super?excited” ? … what is this, the sixth grade?

Well, no, but it is a significant phraseology in this context and speaks to the importance of Mantle to EA’s future plans and, conversely, the unimportance of Nvidia to EA’s future plans. It doesn’t take much reading between the lines to discern EA has decided there are significant benefits in aligning very tightly with AMD going forward. Nvidia cards will still be given ‘standard’ treatment, but all the excitement will be in the AMD space.?

AMD will be bringing the Mantle Advantage to the larger form factor x86 mobile market in 1H 2014. That means high quality EA AAA gaming where it didn’t exist before in the tablet -> cheap laptop space.?

I’s not a stretch to project AMD will be bringing the Mantle Advantage to Android with ARM/HSA/GCN SOCs in 2015. That opens up the phablet -> laptop Android/Chrome market to high quality EA AAA gaming … and likely to the smartphone market in 2016.

Microsoft’s Surface can catch both those rides.?

Then there’s the ‘Tons of ideas going forward (smiley face).?

‘Tons of ideas’ ?? Smiley face ?? EA is seeing some seriously expanded vista’s here – a whole lot of brand new future profit streams … courtesy of Mantle. It’s also clear Mantle is going to provide?SIGNIFICANTLY?better gameplay. At least on EA games.?

As EA stands to benefit, so to do the rest of the developers and publishers. Turns out EA has an exclusivity deal with AMD for ‘PR purposes’. AMD has also been developing Mantle in collaboration with ‘several’ other partners – to be revealed in November. Frostbite has 16 mantle games in the pipeline. One might presume, considering EA’s enthusiasm with Mantle, the Ignite engine will be Mantlized and the entire roster of EA sports games will become Mantle games. Add in the games the ‘several’ partners are working on and who wouldn’t have a ‘must play’ game in their future that will be Mantle optimized??

Bottom line here appears to be Mantle will enjoy widespread support and AMD GCN AIBs a no brainer choice across a wide swath of gamers.?

As for valve .. not much doubt what will eventually win the Steam Machine shootout – AMD CPUs, APUs and GPUs will. If you have $500 to spend on your living room Steam Box, AMD will provide a level of performance an Intel/Nvidia machine cannot come close to matching.

Nvidia a distant second to AMD in just a year? .. follow the facts and assess objectively.

So are Steam and AMD about to ruin PC gaming? … I’d say no, they are about to expand the gaming audience and by do so expand PC gaming.?

Nvidia might not be along for the ride, but they’re not the company leading the way to a substantially expanded gaming market and they will not be vital to the success of PC gaming going into the future.


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